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Dives off Key Largo

The Benwood

This wreck lies in 25 to 40 feet of water almost five nautical miles off the coast of Key Largo. It's not a great site for snorkelers, but divers will find it to be a perfect spot. And it's also great for a night dive because it's easy to find, very straightforward from Key Largo. There are wonderful living coral formations on the various ship structures, and they really stand out at night, in the light of your scuba torch. Visibility is usually anywhere between 30 and 70 feet.

This British-built ship sank during World War II, when it was trying to stealthily navigate the waters off Key Largo without its lights on. It crashed into another, bigger ship (The Benwood was 360 feet long) trying to do the same thing. The 544-foot Tuttle dug a hole in the side of the smaller ship, causing it and its freight, consisting of phosphate rock, to sink. It never made it to the destination, which was Norfolk, VA, then Liverpool, England. The front section of the ship is still intact, and you can see the smashed bow. There are four mooring buoys for divers.

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