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Dives off Key Largo

The Bib and The Duane

Bib and The Duane were both Coast Guard Cutter launched in the 1930's an intentionally sunk off the shores of Key Largo. They both saw World War II and Vietnam action and both were decommissioned in 1985. They are both 327 feet long, and were sunk one day apart in 1987.

The Duane

The Duane lies in 120 feet of water, which makes it a dive for advanced scuba divers only. There is also a strong current through this area a lot of the time, so do be careful, and experienced divers only.

Doors in the ship were removed for safety reasons, and access to lower compartments was sealed off, but divers have since reopened some areas to get deeper inside the interior of the ship. Please don't get trapped in there. Be careful.

This ship was part of local history in 1980, when it helped carry refugeses from Cuba to the Florida Keys, during what was called the Mariel boat lift. This ship also helped sink a U-boat during WWII. During Vietnam the Duane was off the coast of Vietnam patrolling as a member of the Coastal Surveillance Force. This ship, along with The Bib, also served as a peacetime rescue ship, and saved many many lives. Location is 6 nautical miles from Key Largo shores, very close to Molasses Reef. Depths range from 40 to 110 feet. Visibility is normally 40 to 100 feet. Currents vary dramatically, even within a couple of hourss, so keep an eye on conditions.

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