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Christ of the Deep

Christ of the Deepk, or Christ of the Abyss as some know it, is probably the most popular dive destination in Key Largo. Some call the area Key Largo dry Rocks, but whatever you call it, it remains one of the nicest dives in the Florida Keys area. It's a typical inner bank reef, located much closer to shore than a lot of other reefs, and makes a good dive even when the weather makes other scuba sites unpleasant. It's located just four nautical miles from Key Largo and depths range down to 30 feet. It's good for snorkelers, too, and they will be able to see the statue provided they have some good flippers to propel themselves down there and back up.

The statue, which is used for what seems like 90% of all Florida Keys tourism brochures because it is so pictaresque, was placed on Key Largo dry Rocks in 1966 by officials at JohnPennekamp Coral Reef State Park. It's made of bronze and sets in a concrete pedestal, and is nine feet tall. There are actually three of these across the globe, with one in the Gulf of Genoa off the coast of San Fruttuoso, Italy. The other one is actually not in the water, but overlooking St. George's harbor in Grenada.

Watch our for fire coral, which can be found growing on the stature. This is located within a Sanctuary Preservation Area. Don't touch the coral, of course, especially at this immensely popular site, where people have been known to hold their weddings...upwards of 200 per year!

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