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Coffins Patch Reef

Coffins Patch is a series of pretty shallow patch reefs not far from The Thunderbolt, and together they make nice twin dive spots for a complete day of diving. Depths range from 15 to 30 feet, and you will see a good variety of corals on these patches. Pillar coral is especially abundant here, perhaps the best in the Florida Keys. Check out the very large brain coral, too, as well as staghorn coral and watch out for fire coral, which, if touched, will cause burning sensation and itching. The variety of fish is impressive, too, and snorkelers will be able to see the amazing variety of fish almost just as easily as divers. There are miniscule remnants of a very very old wreck here, too, from 1793, called The Ignacio, a Spanish Galleon carrying coins.

Coffins Patch can be found just four nautical miles off the coast of Marathon, in the Middle Keys. The series of patches is 1.5 miles long, and pretty popular with divers setting out from the Middle Keys. Visibility is around 25 to 50 feet, and the current isn't usually too strong.

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