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French Reef

French Reef lies about five and a half nautical miles out from Key Largo, and ranges from 10 to 90 feet deep. The current here is usually pretty mild but of course it can get strong under certain conditions. This reef is special because something about the way the water flows over the reef, causes the water to appear green, even while nearby Molasses Reef has blue water flowing over it. You can even see the boundary between blue and green waters between these two reefs, which sometimes helps divers choose which reef to dive, according to which has better current and visibility conditions.

French Reef is located within a Sanctuary Preseravation Area, so absolutely no touching the coral and of course no fishing or lobstering within the SPA. The coral here is spectacular, and there are caves to boot. You'll find moray eels in the caves, so don't bother them. There are pictaresque little cave areas through which to swim, and lots of stunning brain coral and star coral, and nooks and crevices making it an ideal home for fish. Check out the area called Five Caves, which don't necessarily have exit openings, so don't try to swim all the way through them, since there is no "all the way through". Lots of fish hiding in these caves.

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