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Molasses Reef

This reef is very close to shore, compared with other coral reefs in the Florida Keys areas. You might see a lot of traffic racing near and, unfortunately, across the reef, as boats cruise on through, sometimes too fast and close for comfort. It's a very convenient dive spot for this reason, and also because there are mooring buoys, and it's easy to find because of the 45-foot light tower marking the reef. There is a wreck here, but you probably won't find much evidence of such, since all that remains is an old windlass. For this reason it's sometimes called the Windlass Wreck. But Molasses Reef has plenty to offer without a visible wreck to explore. There is a spur-and-groove reef here that houses lots of star coral. There are Christmas tree worms living in the star coral, but they are difficult to find since they are nervous and shy.

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